I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. From an early age, I had an intense fascination with
the visual world. I was always looking at how light, color, and shape played around me. This led to a
love of art and the exploration of drawing and painting throughout my adolescence.

I moved west to attend Seattle University and pursue a Fine Arts major. Starting college I was very anti-
computer (I can't even remember why). My freshman English professor insisted we use a computer
to write our papers. After a bit of resistance, I quickly became a man of the mouse. I had access to the
school newspaper offices during my sophomore summer, so I went in and taught myself how to use
all of the graphic design programs.

After college I continued to follow my new passion for design and worked for a lawyer creating graphics
and illustrations for mediation and court cases. Next, I joined forces with writer and marketer Sarah
Byam to reconstruct a dying design studio called Labor of Love. We successfully ran the company for
the next 11 years and had a blast creating products for a myriad of clients and industries. I then teamed
up with the sports software startup Athleon.com and put in 2 great years designing for the website.

I am currently freelancing and looking for the next stage of this adventure.